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Friday, December 25, 2009


Out of Order

Let's say you go to a popular family restaurant and as you're being seated the waiter asks, "May I take your order?"

"We haven't even seen the menu yet."

"There's one in the kitchen and another one by the back door. You can see them on the way out."

This is pretty much how it works at a McDonald's drive-thru. You pull up to the order box and a squawky voice says, "Welcome to McDonald's, may I take your order?"

I haven't even seen the menu yet because it's about ten feet beyond the order box.

Why isn't the menu somewhere before the order box? That way, I could see what's available besides Big Macs and Quarter Pounders and maybe make a choice before I get to the order box.

Let's say you go to a well-known bank and need to fill out a deposit slip. The table with the deposit slips is at the front of the line. Why isn't it at the back of the line, or somewhere nowhere near the line, so customers can fill out their paper work, then get into the line and be ready when they get to the front of the line?

And why don't banks have calendars on the tables so we'll know what the date is when we fill out those deposit slips? When I get to the window I always have to ask the teller what the date is. She always looks at me as if I were a hermit.

I guess I could just print a copy of a McDonald's menu to glue to my dashboard, take home a stack of deposit slips to fill in before I go into the bank and carry a calendar with me at all times so don't have to inconvenience any tellers.


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